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Welcome to my home page

I hope to give you an insight into my personal world, some of the things which influence my thinking and ultimately play a part in shaping the type of person I am and how I view and live my life. I was born in Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean and spent my early childhood and formative years there. Some of the essential things I learnt in those early days like self determination, good citizenship and belonging to a world family serve me very well to this day.

My life in the United Kingdom began coincidently with my secondary school education in Luton, Bedfordshire. I have spent all my adult and working life in the capital city of London.

I am and feel very privileged to have made my home in Britain with it's richness in democracy, stability, human rights, heritage, culture, recreation and a myriad of other advantageous circumstances.

At the end of December 2002, I completed 30 years as a veteran officer with the Metropolitan Police Service (New Scotland Yard), an organisation which has been a
significant part of my life and from which I have benefited a great deal over the years.

I have recently formed my consultancy company, Cause Consultancy Ltd. Cause Consultancy will provide independent consultancy services for an international
client base in Public Sector Organisations, Private Companies, the Voluntary Sector, Non Governmental Organisations and Individuals. Services will be influenced and validated by much of the knowledge, experience, expertise and professional acumen in a broad range of disciplines, built up over my 30 years in policing and criminal justice in the United Kingdom and abroad.

When you look at my web site and links as an entity, you will get the sense of the people, events and things which inspire me. You will also get the sense that I can relate to people of all origins and persuasions the world over. This web site is for the
appreciation of anyone who cares to look in. Whatever your colour, race, ethnicity, national origins, age, gender, sexuality, ability, appearance, religion, faith, beliefs, personal experiences or background, you are welcome to share in my experiences. Do leave a message in my guestbook with your impressions of my Personal Home Pages.

Thank you for visiting and do drop by again.   David Michael

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25th September 2001
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