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University of Westminster

Honorary Doctor of Laws, 11 November 2002

Being awarded an honorary doctorate of music from Westminster has put Billy Ocean - and the University in the headlines around the world.

Nearly 100 newspaper cuttings have come in to the University's press office so far - with more arriving daily. With clippings from Texas to New York, most interest has come from America, where Billy is a huge star.

Billy Ocean is one of the the UK's most successful black recording stars. He has released eight albums in America and the UK over three decades. Pop star Billy Ocean and senior police officer David Michael were among those receiving honorary awards at Westminster's presentation ceremonies at the Barbican Centre.

David Michael, who studied law at Westminster while serving in the police, is a founder of the Black Police Association. He will have served in the police force for 29 years this December.

Also receiving honorary awards at the recent presentation ceremonies at the Barbican were David Michael (Doctor of Laws), Professor Michael Romans (Fellowship), Professor John Dickerson (Doctor of Science), Dr Charles Saumarez Smith (Doctor of Letters), Dr Fleur Fisher (Doctor of Science), Terry Burke (Fellowship), John Diamond (Fellowship), Sir Malcolm Bates (Doctor of Letters), Professor Nick Garnham (Fellowship) and Ori Yiassoumis (right, Doctor of Science) and James Siabi (Doctor of Science)